Stormy Weather

Well, after some reverse sewing, which I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Some stitching has begun.  Now remember I started this project over 20 years ago, while I was a beginner patchworker.  Many many mistakes.  Too daunting, so put in the cupboard and long forgotten.

Storm at Sea WIP
Storm at Sea WIP
7 inch turn table cutting mat
7 inch turn table cutting mat

It’s far from perfect. However with some creative sewing, it will be salvageable.  Hard to believe I thought all those years ago this was an easy project.  I don’t even remember using an iron, just a light finger press to flatten seams.  Oh the lessons are learnt the hard way.

Does anyone else have a sewing sin to confess – I’d love to hear about your journey 😲

DIY Creamed corn
DIY Creamed corn

On the home front. The MOTH & I are seducing our sodium intake.  Its amazing how much hidden salt is in our foods.  Simple creamed corn in the can not only has over 200mg of sodiumm per 100g, it also has thickener.  No wonder its not a bright color.

Healthy bright creamed corn
Healthy bright creamed corn ready to freeze

Anyway 1lk of frozen corn kernels has 10mg per 100g only as its natural and not added.  Then blitzed its bright and vibrant, portioned up and ready to freeze and add to my chicken soup with home made stock, all natural and yummy.

Chicken soup season
Chicken soup season

5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Sounds interesting. Is HST half square triangles? I dare you to finish yours, I am on a mission and will finish mine this year. Going to cheat and finish backing with fleece and ties. Well that’s the current plan anyway

  2. do you still have all the fabric you bought to make this? or did it get used up in other more recent projects?

  3. I think I needed that (corn) reminder, although we never eat creamed corn as a side dish but use it as an ingredient in a few recipes.
    YES! I have just such a quilt project, started 25 years ago! Sadly, it’s still in the very early “putting it together” stages. The pieces are cut (some, not all) for hand piecing and I MUST see if machine stitching is possible. When I think back at how I even thought I could “whip” this up!!!!! Ha!!! The pattern, interestingly enough, is “Ocean Waves” and a gift for my son and DIL…..he was in the Navy at the time. Blue/white with a deep burgundy red center block. Many many HST to piece before the quick piecing tricks came about! Sigh……………….you’ve awakened the “guilt twinges” for me!!!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!!!! Hugs……………….

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