Dilema – Advice / Ideas needed – please

Ok, I  need help of the crafting kind  😆

You might remember  I was given a gorgeous box of 10 inch squares from the lovely ladies in my stitching group.  It was was my 50th.  Well i will be 52 this year and still not sure what to do.

I was thinking of a film at five style, which seeing as I was 50 seems fitting 😁😁😁

All thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and considered.  Here is a reminder of the lovely autumn tones received.


4 thoughts on “Dilema – Advice / Ideas needed – please

  1. It seems to take me “forever” to make up my mind in these situations, too!!! Maybe a case of too many choices coming at me??? (thanks to all my ‘puter surfing!!!!) Adding a dark (navy?) would definitely set those pieces off but as to the piecing pattern, I’m not sure. How about something like these 2 links that could use only those fabrics: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/521713938059993493/ and http://24blocks.com/2015/04/colorful-and-beautiful-pattern–learn-how-to-make-a-cool-water-quilt.html Both of those links (especially the 2nd) have such an interesting secondary pattern w/o the addition of any further piecings/colors. Hugs………

  2. since Avis has recently infected me with the pinwheel virus, I’d be inclined to say, buy a light matching solid and do some pinwheels lol.

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