I can see clearly now…

Hello everyone – I know – it has been a while – and Yes a lot has happened.

So grab a cuppa and prepare for my mega blog entry – Smile

BTW – this entry took nearly 3 hours to put together – it won’t be that long to read – as the MOTH and were on Skype for nearly 2 hours with the kids, grandies, SIL and BIL, were just so busy.

Anyway you may remember that I thought I had lost my stitching Mojo and then go it back.  Well it turns out it was a little more than a lost Mojo – actually it was not my Mojo – it was my eye sight- however I didn’t realise what was putting me off from the enjoyment of stitching and anything craft related.

It started a little before Christmas as I was due for my Bi-annual eye test, and I knew I was ready as my night vision whilst driving was a little off.  So off I go to my appointment – and eye new lenses were prescribed – which would take about 2 weeks to arrive – so we are now into the new year when they arrive.  The prescription was quiet different and after 6 weeks I was still not used to it – so had a second opinion. Turned out the prescription was not quite right.   This time I could see better when I left the clinic and knew as the prescription was different would take a a few weeks to get to used to – however my night vision was worse and I kept getting headaches – finally I went back again and turned out the prescription while ok in either eye, was not compatible with each together.  Now I have a lovely script that works and the very first night I got them I was stitching again. Just a little mending and a little save the stitches (previously blogged)


I did manage to create this little free style bookmark – for my name sake SIL. Idea came from the save the stitches and I just mixed it up. I had previously made one which was loved, and lost.  So here is the replacement.  With name added just in case someone had aquired it without permission.

Then came the Storm at Sea – a quilt in pieces that has been in my WIP pile for an embarrassing 20+ years.  It was a design which was on the cover of the 1st edition of Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork & Quilting April 1993.

20150426_173402  20150422_223948  20150422_223956-1

A very adventurous piece for a novice patch worker. I had trouble with matching my points and made a botch of it.  Then put it away to be revisited – which I did over the years – revisiting being a quick look and putting back in the cupboard.  Well last year at quilt camp I decided that I would bring it and finish it at the 2015 camp.  So out it came and I have been frogging for days.  I now have the skills, knowledge and confidence to finish this massive project.  Camp is not until the end of May, so I still have some preparation work to do and some sewing to ensure that it can be completed.

I have been updating my software and computer programs on my little laptop.  I was having a few system issues – and cleaned out files etc which all takes time.  Then reloading them.  However I also took my time as due to my eyesight I also had trouble doing simple tasks.  Luckily work went ok and so did my studies – it was my relaxation hours that were lethargic all due to poor eyesight.  Here I was thinking I was just studying too hard as I had a lot to do, amazing what an impact one sense can make on your life.

So now I can also get back to blogging – and catching up on all the blogs I have looked at for ages – I have not forgotten anyone.   Here’s to a new year and healthier year.

There has been some fun also. The MOTH and I along with 3 very dear friends headed to Bendigo for the Easter Festival.  4 nights at the lovely old Shamrock Hotel.  Bendigo is 2 hours from Geelong.  A lovely historical town founded on the Gold Fields Rush and steeped in culture and history.  We spent the weekend relaxing, walking, visiting the free activities on all weekend.  The miniature trains, several massive old style traditional 2nd hand book stores.  Chinese awakening of the dragon.  Street day and night parades.  Fun after fun.

20150403_152128  20150403_110823_1

20150403_110823_1 20150404_150031 20150403_202440

The car only came out of the car park once during the weekend and that was so the my 2 girl friends and I could go to the local woollen mill and patchwork shop. I was fairly conservative with my shopping, I managed to obtain some lovely cotton in red (for me) and also a fawn (the moth) and plan to knit vests.  I also picked up 3 pattern leaflets, 2 male and 1 for myself.  The ladies vest has a crochet trim to make it a little different.  I know it will be lovely.  So far I am in the middle of tension squares to ensure I get it right.  My knitting is a little loose and the cotton is divine to knit.  Naturally I purchased a little stitchery pattern and a few tone on tone fabrics.

20150405_070421  20150405_064335

One of the displays included a fashion design competition.  Every item had to be created using recycled using recycled agriculture items.  My favourite was a dress called “Butterflies in Heaven” using old bio mesh and inner tubes and bits and pieces.  There are 53 Butterflies (including 10 small ones) each representing an agriculture  death in 2013- the 10 small butterflies represent children.  Then there were the race wear little hats made from cable ties.  Such talent in Australia – I am totally in awe of these artists.


20150405_150738    20150405_150929

Last week it was the Australasian Quilt Convention AQC 2015

So many beautiful, inspirational quilts.  Naturally with the Centenary of Gallipoli there was a theme running.  Lucy Carroll Australian textile artist – The Gallipoli Quilt. True Blue and Lest We Forget Challenges. Segolaine Scheiwtzer – wool artist from France had a magnificent display.  There are wonderful photos and articles to be found on www.aqc.com.au/melbourne  as well as all the stalls for shopping.

Gallipoli Quilt by Lucy Carroll
Gallipolli Quilt Lucy Carroll

20150417_133801  20150417_134041

Lucy Carroll – Australian Artist Soldier On
Segolaine Scheiwtzer – wool artist from France
Segolaine Scheiwtzer – wool artist from France

I think that just might be it for the time being.  Until next time – and I promise it wont be far away.

Happy Stitching

Love Debbierose

2 thoughts on “I can see clearly now…

  1. wow that was one mega blog post ^^
    glad to see that you’re keeping busy and well. Eyesight, we take it for granted, don’t we?
    Look forward to reading more regular posts, and seeing all the new/current crafty projects take shape

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