I’ve lost my Stitching Mojo …

I’ve lost my Stitching Mojo, and am having difficulty getting it  back.

What to do, after a fantastic December with the kids and grandkids.  Far too much fun and frivolity.  I am now trying to settle into the land of the living. Sounds dramatic.  But with all the fun we also had a few aahhhh moments.   The MOTH had a bout of pain in December which the doctors ruled out anything sinister, thankfully.  Only for it to flare up in 1st week of January and landing him in hospital for 8 nights.  He is recovering, slowly and it might be awhile till he is better, or we get it under control so it is liveable.

Anyway as a result I have contemplated some knitting, stitching etc.  The last item I created was a gorgeous mermaid outfit.  So I have puttered around the craft cave, looking, fossicking and thinking what will I do.  I decided to get back into my Save the Stitches the Liz Almond freebie I have been working on.

I have hopped on the computer and printed out a few more blocks to tackle.  Took to the thread box and selected the next in the mix.  So now just need to put thread to fabric and start.  Ok what am I waiting for its time to go and stitch.

Happy Stitching  xx Debbierose

save teh stitches 1-35
            I left off here a few month’s ago

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