Happy New Year

Happy New year to everyone.  It has been a long time since I had the time, energy and motivation to do some blogging.  I do hope things improve now that 2015 has begun.

Over the last 6-8 weeks I have been busy with work and life in general.   I had a few small stitchery projects I played around with but nothing major.  I ended up adding to the little knitted Christmas hat and stockings that I give as table decoration on Christmas day.  I managed to complete a small nativity I had in the stash and gave it as a gift.  However I neglected to photograph it, so have asked for the recipient to forward me a shot of it.  Once I get it I can show you.

We had the family in from interstate over the Christmas break and most of December.  So we had a lot of time with the grandkids, swimming, playing, shopping and making triple chocolate chip cookies.   Many Christmas parties. I did get a few moments on the machine after Christmas and made a mermaid fin cover for our gorgeous granddaughter.  I had trouble finding swimsuit material and finally sourced some scuba like material in a lovely hot pink.  Then after a quick tracing of our little mermaid this was the result.  Excuse the mess in the area but it helps to get a sense of “scale” – yep that’s a really bad fishy joke.

Mermaid Issy

Now it is new year and I am not making a resolution- however I do hope that as it is a new year with 365 beautiful mornings and starlit evenings, 52 promising weeks, and 12 transformative months full of possibilities.

I wish this for you all as well.  Have a fantastic 2015 everyone.

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