Christmas Happy Dance – 5 days start to finish

The MOTH and I chose this pre-printed Sashiko Celtic Christmas Tree from Indigo Niche stand at the recent craft show.  It came in either Red, Blue or the lovely Green Linen and a skein of Sashiko thread of your colour choice.  We choose the green & cream and I feel it compliments this Christmas project well.  It was beautiful to stitch.  I had this lovely Christmas fabric for the binding and it has a bit of gold thread to bring life to the binding.  The beading took ages, luckily I had some beading needles in my kit or it would not have been finished so quickly.  It just needs  alight iron and it is ready to hang in December.  I have a lovely hanger in the back room I think will be perfect for it.




I have also been catching up on my blog reading and comments.  Nothing worse than letting life get in the way of craft and blogging.

The MOTH and I are still working on our bedroom – more MOTH than I as I am still in the legal section of my course and still on study overload. 

The train quilt for our grandson is momentarily on hold as I have run out of thread and it is on order – my luck I choose the one spool for my free motion that was difficult to get and I am over half way.  Anyway I should be back to it at the end of next week.  A lesson learned – FMQ takes heaps more thread than just a few far spaced curved lines.

Accident or Awkward is my middle name – last week as I went in the bathroom – my ankle rolled and I went zooming across the bathroom, landing with both palms taking most of the fall and my left knee carpet burned on the little rug.  Luckily I did not kit my head on the pedestal basin, however I did sprain my ankle (again) and jarred my entire body so bad I thought I was going to be ill with the shock and pain.  I have recovered now – however am still sore and tender in a few spots. 

That’s it for the moment – happy stitching

Hugs to all Love Debbierose xoxox


9 thoughts on “Christmas Happy Dance – 5 days start to finish

  1. wow.. what a close shave.. take care and perhaps needs some anti-slip mats in the bathrooms..

    I love the christmas tree.. wow.. stunning and well stitched up.. 😀 great job!

  2. your stitched tree is beautiful ^^
    and I reckon you need some non-slip soled slippers to stop you from tripping up

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