Busy Times … A Month has gone by …

Ok it has been a while – seems like an eternity since my last blog entry – actually it has been a month.  The MOTH and I have been busy.  Very busy. We have started to remove wall paper from the master bedroom, fix plaster, getting ready to paint and install a built in wardrobe – so we have relocated ourselves to the other end of the house.  Its been dusty, cold and wet as it is also winter and between 4-8 degrees. Luckily its not as cold as usual so we have the fresh chill breeze while working and the windows open.  No Photos yet as our Boudoir is not yet complete.

We have had a little bit of fun also – the MOTH plus a Bestie and I headed to Melbourne and went to the Craft & Quilt Show.  A great day out, and also a little costly.  I decided I wanted to attend several of the free instructional sessions.  I have been wishing to get back into dressmaking and the sessions were really informative.  I did 2 sessions on the Lutterloh drafting system and a couple of sessions on printing on fabric paper, then a session on an Australian pattern drafting system.  After much discussion and consultation the lovely sales rep Sonya went into further detail and over my concerns – I have chubby arms to match the rest of cuddly me.  So sleeves being too tight have always been an issue – anyway a private demo and paper mock up and my fears were gone and the Lutterloh system purchased.  I still have to use it – I plan to do my first pattern this weekend – how exciting.  Then to make it up – I think I will start with a vest.  Its small and covers loads of my old dressmaking skills.  The kit also came with a few great plastic rulers which I can use in my quilting projects – so it is a multi functional tool.

I have also been studying hard, as I am in the middle of the legal section of my current course.  So I have legislation overload.

At the same time I have still managed to do a little stitching on my save the stitches – which I got stuck on block 15 and so have left it for a bit and will come back soon.  Then a few more mini hexagons – not too much they are both growing and I enjoy every stitch as it is so relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle.  To top if off I will be doing a few extra shifts at work over the coming weeks.  My life is so interesting.  There were many lovely quilts on display and the theme of the day was hand quilting – the speaker was wonderful and had so much knowledge and wisdom to share while explaining her journey.


Today I attended a Quilt-in in Melbourne – had a wonderful day out with the girls and started to sew together some of my diamonds together Yes diamonds I have been basting these while doing the hexies)  – they are also part of my scrap project for this year.  I have an idea what they will become – but may change my mind so thus far I have 5 stars.  The wonderful guest speaker, Julie Adamson who specialises in hand quilting and this is one of her works – the applique is all hand done and on this piece the red applique strips are 3 mm wide – yes 3 mm wide – we were given permission to photograph as much as we liked.


I have also sewn a quilt for our Grandson – a train quilt very similar to the MOTH’s with just a few colour changes in the borders.  At the moment it is basted and ready to quilt.  Here are the front and back colours – ready for basting.  Nice big panels just perfect for a boys quilt.



I have also purchased an extension table for my little sewing machine and a few extra feet came in the creative quilter kit – so my goodness who knows where my quilting will go from here.  Some leaps and bounds – I have had a little FMQ play and it is rough – but I think not too bad considering I did not start with simple loops – no straight to  a flower from my mind.





A little glamming up on MIL’s sweater – with a few wool stitches – MIL does not like high neck lines and this is a loved jumper being given a Jazzing up.  Its a work in progress so – there is more to some …..



The MOTH and have heated up the kitchen and cooking up some tasty treats.  The MOTH makes an awesome pizza dough and I helped with the toppings.  We have also progressed to making our own wontons – which were super yummy, although we did buy the wonton squares so cheated a bit – however we did the fillings.  Here they are before and after – we did a turkey meat base and they were really light and tasty with the sauces etc.  Here they are before and after.



We have also explored a few sweet treats – Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting and Almond Croissant filling.  Both yummy.



On the techno front – I have explored the different ideas and software all you lovely ladies suggested – in further detail – and have come to find Windows Live Writer is the best and quickest for me – it really is a great little tool.  Thank you all again for the suggestions.

That’s it for now – until next time.

Happy Stitching. 

xxx Debbierose  Rolling on the floor laughing


5 thoughts on “Busy Times … A Month has gone by …

  1. you have been busy! I panicked when you said you were on block 15, then I realised you meant block 15 and not pattern set 15 as I originally thought! Funnily enough, I’m working on the same row as you, I’ve finished the black stitches and am putting the gold into the same one you’re stuck on!
    Stick with the FMQ, it just takes practice and your flower looks great – it’s like FME

    1. I have big plans for the FMQ – stars on my grandsons quilt – so loads of practice coming this weekend. Save the stitches – getting stuck into it tonight – going to overcome my mental block on “THAT” block – LOL

    1. Just a tad tired – and still had to go to work and do a few extra shifts – oh well – its all for a good cause – the MOTH and I are our favourites cause – LOL – your circles are really growing so you too have been busy

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