HELP – Your assistance is required Ladies

Ok – now I have your undivided attention – I am the first one to admit I am technologically challenged.  While I might be able to thread a overlocker blind folded and with both hands tied behind my back – LOL – computers do sometimes baffle me. 

My question ? How do I add my name into a photo when I put it on my blog.  Surely it is not done in word ? As this would make the process a little tedious.  I have seen many of your blogs and you have your name across the photo – I know it’s not a caption – and my camera does not have this function – so hopefully – one of my dear blogging friends can assist.

Ciao for now Debbierose – the self confessed IT Challenged Crafter





14 thoughts on “HELP – Your assistance is required Ladies

  1. I use a FREE downloadable program called Windows Live Writer. It gives me the ability to actually write my whole post there…..”watermarking” the photos…..and then I “publish to WP. It’s an easy program to work with and you can schedule future posts, use great fonts, add links/tags, etc. It’s much easier/clearer than in WP. I love it! Let me know if you have any questions. I am NOT any kind of techno geek!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I use links to photos from my Photobucket account as I ran out of free space on Blogger years ago. You can edit photos in Photobucket.

  3. I use this program online, google photo editor.. There’s free ones to use and add your website/link on it.. The other ways I think is to open files via PowerPoint and you can also add text.. Of course the best will be photoshop program… Hope this helps… 😉

  4. I just open the photo in Photoshop and add a text box over the top. The text box function works pretty much the same as in word…you can change font sizes, styles and colours very easily 🙂

  5. I might explain it too “complicatidely” because I’m used to using image software. You can use any software like microsoft paint, irfanview, photoshop, the gimp, to add text. The only button you are looking for is a “T” which is for writing in any software.

  6. Your photo management system should be able to add a watermark (your name or business name) to your photos.
    I use a free download too- picasa- which is good for making photo collages as well

  7. I use a fantastic little app called ‘Photobulk’. I downloaded it (I think from iTunes) and you can set your own watermark, as well as re-size photos etc. You can add a watermark to several images at once. I am really pleased with it!

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