Block 2 – Save the Stitches

I have managed to make a little more progress on the Save the Stitches project – you may remember I recently finished patterns 1 – 4 of block 1. I have put aside a few other projects at the moment and concentrating on this for a little while. So I have managed to complete Blocks 1 & 2 – patterns 1 – 10 – yeah

Before  Block 1 patterns 1- 4
Block 1 patterns 1- 4
Blocks 1 & 2 Patterns 1 -10
Blocks 1 & 2
Patterns 1 -10

Now Save the Stitches is a project I need to concentrate on so it is for home only – I am still a black work novice in many regards and this I have learnt so much about layering already. But I have to concentrate. So I have a little variety and take my smaller embroideries to my stitching groups.

Yesterday I went to the Quilt-In day held by our local P&QG – A great day out – with guest speakers, craft stalls and loads of conversation, fun and networking. Met some lovely ladies from other clubs who travelled to see us for the day. We were lucky enough to have Helen Godden a FMQ expert and Huston Winner – who is an Aussie and she is the most animated and lively speaker – and a wonderful artist to boot. I highly recommend you google her work it is fantastic.

Now I did break NY resolution of no spending a little – but it was minor and for the princely sum of $45 for the day I managed to get my admission $5, a coffee from the coffee van $5, some embellishments & crushed walnut shells $8, 2 x craft books = $22 – and a couple of raffle tickets. I had hoped to win the raffle and take home the fold down quilt table and part ironing board. But some other lucky person won that. Not to worry as part of my admission price we got the choice of hand made gift – I took the little scissor cover – nice and bright.

Scissor Cover – Welcome Gift


Gail Pan Stitchery The 3rd in my Moth’s Choice Trio

7 thoughts on “Block 2 – Save the Stitches

    1. Thats a great idea – when I get time – I will add that to my to do list – thanks for stopping by Avis – I know how busy you have been lately also

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