Gone Viral …

I have been a bit computer absent lately – needed a break.
Gone Viral – Now I have your attention – yes it’s official I am an attention seeker – LOL – actually I have had a “bug” lately – saw the Doc and therefore off work for a few days – and like most people I hate being unwell – I have a very Angelic Caring MOTH – as I admit it – I am NOT a good Patient – I don’t mind staying in my PJ’s all day and sleeping. As it was needed – but in between – I get restless – I don’t read much – naturally avoided the sewing machine – couldn’t keep my mind occupied and as a result did a little no think hand sewing. This was easy as if I fell asleep in my chair (which happened several times)  – I am now well and back at work – but in the mean time.

Now what I am about to show you – you may say “that’s NO Think hand sewing” but it was – as I had planned this project some time ago – and as you have previously seen a few roses – it was just coming together. One half inch hexagon at a time. Anyway there is still a way to go – but this mini table runner is slowly coming together.

A few finished rosettes
Playing with the layout
Slowly coming together

I have also done a little knitting – a pair of slipper socks for my little Sis, who recently commented that she is feeling the cold since starting on Insulin.  L’SIS had 2 bouts of gestational diabetes, then after 10 years or so went onto tablets  as a type 2 diabetic.  Now a few years later it turns out she is a type 1 diabetic – which is apparently more common in adults who have had gestational diabetes.   Anyway L’SIS is not into crafts – except for her skill at rocky road making – she makes a scrumptious rocky road Christmas pudding – yes – a diabetic making such a yummy treat – I hear the irony.  Anyway I modified a version of my mums little socks – with the assistance of the internet and this is the result.  I also added the final touch some of our dear mumma’s rosettes and bows – which are all safe in my stash – as I became keeper of Mums – Roseys Craft Collection.










5 thoughts on “Gone Viral …

  1. Love the slippers!!!! My Grandma used to make those all the time for me for Christmas gifts. Ah, the memories!!! The rosettes are super and oh the fun of playing with the placement!!! I’m glad to ‘hear’ that you have mended!!! Seems to be quite a few different ailments going around lately. Take care and hugs……….

    1. Thanks Doreen – all well and rested – and back crafting again – Did your mum also knit a longer version of the sock “called a banana sock” I have tried to find a pattern and having no luck. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

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