Super Easy Spring Scarf – freebie

Spring Scarf 2
Spring Scarf 1

Ok here is the easiest Spring Scarf ever.

Using a variety of any left over wool, ball ends.

Knitted side ways to get a funky stripe.

Use a large number 1 needles These are the ones about as thick as your ring finger. Cast on 100 stitches. Using only knit stitch.
Knit 1-2 rows, cut off thread (as it is used in the fringe)
Change colour – knit 1-2 rows.
Ok here you can change how many rows you want per colour – if you have a thicker thread you might want 1 row and a thinner thread a few rows – whatever you feel like. Just keep cutting off at the end when you change colour as it is a self fringing scarf. Knot the new thread and keep knitting. The when you have a thickness you like – cast off loosely. Then where needed add a few extra strands to make a really groovy fringe.

When you look a few of the pictures of my scarves – they all have 100 stitches – but depending on the type of fibre you knit with they may be stretchy of pull in tighter. So it gives a great multi functional pattern – have a play with it – I am sure you will like this funky stripe.

Spring Hugs from Debbeirose

Original Spring Scarf
Original Spring Scarf


Spring Scarf 1
Spring Scarf 2

2 thoughts on “Super Easy Spring Scarf – freebie

    1. Not only cold, but the snow fields in Victoria are only a few hours away from our humble little abode – its QLD that stays nice and toasty warm all year round

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