MOTH’s Choice – Stash buster for Christmas

Number 3 in MOTH’s Choice.  Earlier this year I had my MOTH choose 3 patterns for Christmas to me to stitch.  This little table centre / reindeer doily is approx. 11 inches in diameter.  Using just my stash – even the pattern book was in the stash purchased at the craft show this time last year.  It is a gorgeous Gail Pan Design.  I am stitching it in DMC 320, 355 & 841

I have completed the outer vine leave s and French knots – 54 knots & leaves in total.  Plus all the filler sections – star’s and noses.  So I only have the 3 reindeer to stitch – even thought you cannot see them they are on the fabric – so hope fully they will be ready to show you soon.



2 thoughts on “MOTH’s Choice – Stash buster for Christmas

    1. Yes – with the exception of the little ones quilts – and a few incidentals – needed some new needles – need to same some $$$$ for other more necessary items – renovations

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