Star Fruit Cushion

Several of the ladies in my sewing group have made these practical Star Fruit Cushions. So here is mine. They are so handy to sit on your knee while sewing – helps with posture and resting of hands. Use flat side up as a table, or star side up as a tablet or book holder. I used a great tutorial one of the ladies recommended so here is the link and credit to Claire at Matching Pegs:

The photos don’t really do justice to the colours, they are much brighter.

3 lovely Orientals I used 7 inch blocks
Ta Da . . . Finished Cushion

10 thoughts on “Star Fruit Cushion

  1. wow.. this look awesomeeee…love the matching colours.. I’m just wondering if the star fruit cushion is for supporting the back or…? I can’t imagine sitting on it.. heehee.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Hi Angela, the cushion is placed on your knee and supports your hand work/knitting etc This helps your posture. You can use it flat side or star side up depending on reference. This one is a little large – and most likely will be ornamental only – but being my first attempt – I think it turned out ok.

  2. Thanks Claire – I have seen the blackwork mini ones and they are lovely – I might try one day – this is a very large version with 15 x 7 in squares used.

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