1 Quilt & 1 Wall Hanging – Happy Dances – just need label

Yes its real – I have two (2) happy dances.  The first is a little wall hanging kit from Logan’s Patchwork called Hearts and Frames.  I started a long time ago and it was the first time I really spent time with the button-hole stitch on my machine – usually I have embroider this type of thing – but took the machine challenge and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I did a very simple block quilting and even fully machined the binding – on the top also.  It measures 600 x 700


Next is the Gift boxes – I finished embroidering them and little while ago.  I have added the borders in a lovely fabric called “I love sewing” and then a lovely wide border in brown swirl. The binding in a molten gold/bronze to pick out and compliment the tomes of the embroidery threads.  One the back I have used a fluffy soft rainbow minke fleece.  Then used a variegated signature machine thread to tie the quilt together to make it even softer and more inviting.  Measures 1200 x 1600

DSCN8355 (2)
Gift boxes all sewn – yeah
Rainbow minke on the back
so soft and inviting

Now just to add the labels – so exciting


7 thoughts on “1 Quilt & 1 Wall Hanging – Happy Dances – just need label

  1. I love the “funky hearts”!!!! And, the “Gift Boxes” I liked the first time I saw it!!!! “Finishes” are always so invigorating and encouraging!!! You’re on a roll!!!!! And it’s just the beginning of a new week!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Hugs…………………

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