Sorrow, recycling & stichin’

It is with great sadness I say good bye …  to my favourite pair of slippers.  I finally had to send them off to the great slipper shop in the sky, but not before detaching the pink heart buttons – you never know when you might need a button.  Anyway they are so old I cannot even bare to bring myself to photograph them to show you – yes the favourites, worn daily, washed and rewashed, and now gone.  Oh well lucky it is warm weather here.Image

I have also been doing a little stitching – this time to comemorate our Wedding Anniversary and Valentines.  I need to do the final finish – and my MOTH is going to help decide how the final finish goes.

And then there are the MOTHs Christmas trio – all 3 now stitched.  Also ready in the finsh off box – when my machine does get out of Jail (The back room) it will be worked to within an inch of its life – LOL




9 thoughts on “Sorrow, recycling & stichin’

  1. my question is – how on earth did you have so many buttons on a pair of slippers????
    well done on your xmasy stitching – you’ll have so much to finish off for xmas

  2. Noooo! I hate having to get rid of comfortable shoes and slippers, or favourite clothes, but great idea to save the buttons. I have even used some of my mum’s saved buttons on things for my grandchildren – it’s almost like passing a little bit of family history down the generations!

  3. I love the delicacy of the trio!!! Always save the buttons but saying farewell……..well…….that’s something that I must do to 2 such pair of slipper friends….sigh……………………….

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