Summer Waves & Christmas Sayings

In the last few days I have been stitching another lovely free design titled Summer Waves from the talented Lindashee.
In keeping with my use up stash and scraps – I tweaked the colours and decided to stitch it in a variegated Anchor 1335 and outline in blue which I am not sure of the number or brand as it was a left over from a kit a very long time ago. I also know how I am going to finish it off – which I hope to do in the next few weeks. I just need to do some maths and work out the fabric – but for once I have already decided what one of my projects is going to be – and it is for ME. So watch this space. DSCN7638


I purchased a Dimensions cross stitch kit called Christmas Sayings Ornaments some time last year. The kit came complete with the backing felt, aida, pre-sorted threads & enough thread for the cording – yeah.

So I thought if I can do one block a month – by Christmas I should have 6 lovely ornaments. I might be really greedy and keep them – you never know – I could be generous and gift them ???? But don’t hold your breathe on that idea. My MOTH really likes them also, so I think they shall be for US – LOL

Anyway I have sectioned the aida off in 6 as suggested. I have started on Peace, Love, Joy. I really love the colours – although I think I may not have enough of 2 threads – It might be my stitching, but it does say in the pattern contents I can email for more thread if needed. Fingers crossed I don’t need it!


8 thoughts on “Summer Waves & Christmas Sayings

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I first started with a written plan, and this year I plan to stick with it – if I can achieve 50% of my list – which is huge – I will be a very happy stitcher.

  1. wow – “summer waves” looks gorgeous like that^^
    and I love your xmas ornie – I reckon you should keep it. Much too pretty to give away ^^

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