32/31 NY Resolution achieved

Ok – you have been inundated by my blog of late – I made a New Year Resolution to try and blog daily for the month of January only – and having NY Day off of course – so I have not only succeded but exceeded – now lucky you – from now on I will only blog once or twice a week – unless I have some exciting news or massive Happy Dance to share.

So from this title you may have guessed that January either “Grew” an extra day – or  I became over zealous and blogged an extra post.

I have also managed to finish another Christmas piece to add to the finish off box

The finish off box is getting a little chubby (like its owner)

Design By Carmela
Design By Carmela

So did you see all my posts – or did you avoid them ??? Maybe I was your Leopard – if you have read them all then you will understand !

11 thoughts on “32/31 NY Resolution achieved

  1. Love that design!!! Visiting on our blogs is meant to be a fun activity and not one that becomes a drain or a chore OR a big black hole that ‘eats’ your time!!! (Have to be very careful on that last one!!!! LOL!) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts and look forward to whatever this on-line journal/blog contains in the future. There are times of much activity (for me) and then not so much. Sometimes it’s more “life stuff” (baking, reading, family) that is written up and then there’s quilting!!!!!!!! Finding the balance is the challenge for sure! Hugs……………..

    1. Thanks for the support. I used the daily blogging as a motivational tool. Last year I dithered about a little. So needing a little structure this year – that’s what I am calling it anyway – ciao

    1. Planning well ahead – it is the motto for the year – the MOTH and I have huge plans for the year – so need to be really organised. Then blogging regularly has made it easier to stick to the schedule also.

  2. lol I didn’t even notice that you were blogging EVERY day, alothugh I think I probably left a comm on most posts ^^
    I have enjoyed seeing your blog so active and well done on your Carmela Christmas tree. It’s such a cute design, isn’t it?

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