Rudolph with your nose so bright … …

Six years ago I made a Reindeer Quilt. Now seeing as it is warm in the land of Oz at Christmas time – and being frugal – and budget conscience, as it would only be on display for a short time each year. I decided to use Polar Fleece for the background, and felt for the Reindeer. Now the original pattern came from a magazine and is who knows where now ????



I remember the reindeer were all facing the same direction, plain and just blanket stitched on. I decided to change it around a little. Adding a tutu & ballet shoes to Dancer, thought Prancer should look a little like he was Prancing – you get the picture. Rudolph had to stand out and I had a little Golden Thimble button, and made him face the other direction – after all they are meant to follow him … … … A little plain fabric on the back and a never ever to be repeated satin ribbon binding – that binding was a nightmare !!!!!


2 thoughts on “Rudolph with your nose so bright … …

  1. Oh my!!!! That is so cute!!!! I agree, the warmth in ‘Oz’ definitely takes away from a real use of your darling creation!!!!! LOL! Living on the frozen Midwest tundra, I wouldn’t know about that!!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..hugs………….

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