Quicky decorations – ancient ones

I have finally gotten around to De-Christmasing our home. Amongst the decorations were some really quick, super rustic, basic looking stitchery. I did these many years ago – so many I cannot remember exactly. I just did some free hand words in back stitch and backstitched a backing (all in calico scraps and left over threads), then trimmed and frayed the edges. The hanging tags are also a few strands of DMC – quick, cheap and easy – and yes very basic.

Propped up in front of our Angel Cheeks from Russ
Yes – the MOTH and I do love our Christmas Decorations


2 thoughts on “Quicky decorations – ancient ones

  1. I so dislike “de-Christmas-ing”!!!!! I really think that is why everyone goes in to such a ‘funk’ in January!!!! No Christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How profound is that….ha!

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