Oh! Toto, it’s mighty hot in the land of Oz

Today it reached a whopping 45C or approx 115F in the land of Oz.  For all you tennis fans, on day 2 of the Australian Open we have seen 3 biggies go out already.  So between sweltering heat, bush fires & sports, a little stitching has been completed.  This little piece is being added in the wee small hours as I cannot sleep.  Mind churning through all the things I hope to achieve this year.  No particular resolution as such was made,  just a more positive attitude.  Especially regarding negative influences in life.

My loving MOTH, along with several other wise young & not so young Sages, have my attention.  A common theme rings amongst them, respect, love, honesty, truth to name a few.  One of the young wise ones mentioned a leopard will never change its spots, its true, therefore, the Leopard must cope on its own as it lacks vital skills to survive.  I am sure you all have our own leopard.  Mine is now locked away, caged in a way, it has made me stronger & a far more resilient ME!   

2014  bring it on, as Karen Carpenter once sang – we’ve only just begun to live!


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