Lindashee – Frees

Like many bloggers and crafters I too am taking advantage of some frees’ this year.  I have a very sore hip pocket of late with quilt fabric purchases etc.  The 1st free I have selected was spied a while ago and placed on my “MUST” do list.  It is from a very talented up & coming young French designer – Lindashee and you can see all her fantastic work and several Frees over on her blog  The free I chose from her collection is called My little tea-cup and tea-pot.  I love a good cuppa so the decision was hard to make to stitch these lovely designs. 044

Now – I am a novice in the cross stitch world (really) and it seems that the smallest, designs often are the hardest for me. If I make an error, the harder I try to rectify it – the more I seem to mess it up. Anyway on this note – Instead of putting the said error and project in the “To be tackled at a later date” pile (which is huge) I ad-libbed and have forged ahead. So the photo you see above are not perfectly stitched (there are a few of my stitching errors)  and needs a good pressing, and is in the to be finished off pile instead – perhaps a mug mat – not sure at the moment.  Only time will tell – anyway I can hear the kettle whistling – until next time

Enjoy a cuppa & hugs from Debbierose



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