Ho Ho NO NO NO !!!!

Seems I forgot to post this one – oh well here goes – and as it turns out the unthinkable has now been rectified. Read on if you dare… … …
(Now a few weeks ago)
Today the unthinkable, unimaginable, words fail me moment happened.
Never in a million, trillion years could I ever have thought of it.

I was in a craft shop and while browsing, looking for some calico (which was not in stock – hard to believe) – anyway – I was fossicking in the bargain bin, nothing I needed – or worse wanted just because it was on special and a good buy. Even the fabrics were not enticing me… … …

So I bought home nothing – not even a spool of thread, or skene of DMC which I can always use. Instead I have one confused and very happy MOTH as I saved us a bundle – LOL

Oh well – until the next time I go craft shopping – hope it was just a one off fad !!!!!

Today – the universe is restored to its former – correct self. The MOTH and I ventured into the same shop and came out loaded down with fabrics. Team work in picking out backing fabrics for quilts and a little extra variegated floss – just because it was there.

Nautical backing fabric
for the MOTHS Train Quilt
which is now going to be reversible
& some tone on tone border
Backing for a little girls quilt
& my new variegated threads
I love adding to the collection

4 thoughts on “Ho Ho NO NO NO !!!!

  1. how awful not to find anything you fancied in the bargain bin on your last visit lol
    glad you made up for it on your return visit

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