Long Time Teddy

A while ago – several years in fact – I gave a friend one of my kits to do – it was started – and recently came back to me – as being pre-printed and not quite aligned correctly – was a little awkward. Not too worry – it is now a challenge – I am on a mission to complete this one – it is a pre-printed cross stitch.

When I read the instructions it actually says to do all the outlines first – most unusual to me – anyway it is also slightly printed a little larger than needed – so I think this added to the stitching woes.

The first pic is where Woo got up to – and now I have added some in the past week. I don’t have an ETA or plan to finish it this year – but fingers crossed.

Woo’s fantastic effort
I have started to add the Teddy

4 thoughts on “Long Time Teddy

  1. This looks very complicated. I also have a similar kit with a lady and a pagoda which is on printed fabric. I did promise myself I’d start it up again. The kit was given to me by my sister decades ago. She started it and didn’t finish and i said I would finish it….I haven’t yet!

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