Happy Dance – 1, 2 & 3

Happy Dance 1 – Wow – it has been a long time in the making – but finally a happy dance. V’s quilt has been bound and labelled – yeah. I will hand it over tomorrow – and then I can put up the finish snaps – as I think the owner should see the completed quilt in person before the universe. So here is a snippet, and the label.



Happy Dance 2 : Thanks to Claire over on claire93.wordpress.com and her gorgeous Christmas frees, a few little gifts for some of my friends.  We had a craft girls day out, lovely lunch & great conversation.  Little gift swap.  I managed to get a few secret stitching happening, some for the girls and a few into the post.DSCN6713

Happy Dance 3: A few little knitted Santa hat ornaments – they can also very conveniently fit a wine/champagne bottle for gift giving.  Seeing as these were for our lovely grandchildren – cute tree hanging hooks better choice.




3 thoughts on “Happy Dance – 1, 2 & 3

    1. I wish i did have an Elf – some of the items had been part started months ago – like the little hats, knitted, then put away – so now school is over I am on a mission to complete items, and clear some long term projects.

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