Look what I made at school tonight! (actually a few weeks ago now)

Silly me – I just found this unpublished post in the file – a few weeks ago at my night classes – as we were nearing the last couple of weeks.  We all had to do some small group training.  One of the lovely chaps in my class was a chef – so he gave us a very practical tutorial on 1980’s garnishes.

Believe it or not – these were the ones I created – I enjoyed making them – but had difficulty with the tomato – not because it is tricky peeling the fine skin – I don’t like raw tomato – I eat it cooked and in sauces – but raw – just not my thing . . .


Very POSH looking stylish Lemon Swan


plain fruit basket with handle in one piece

After this session – another chap in our group also a chef – luck us, took us on a road trip –  we headed down to the kitchen and had a lesson in pasta making – now this is something the MOTH and I have thought about – and know I have tried.  It was really great learning and having a go at the actual dough making.  Seeing as it was only a 40 minute session – we now have fresh dough to have for tomorrow night – will go very nicely with the MOTH’s awesome Bolognese sauce –  we turned it into pappadella – yum


Rolled by hand – it was a little thicker than planned – mmmmm perhaps we need to invest in a pasta machine



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