I have been secretly working on Christmas

I have finally completed my Cert IV in Training & Assessment – and have achieved my competency – yeah.  At the same time I have also been secretly working on Christmas…

Yes like most stitchers – I stitch even when you think I am not . . .

As I had so much to do – study,  work, having a life with my wonderful MOTH – and still managing to do some secret stitching – well not so secret – just not blogged.

Until now that is – and as you will see in the upcoming weeks – I will probably bore you all senseless with my blog catching up – LOL

To start the ball rolling – a little Blackwork Christmas decoration (a one off – yes I don’t even make one for ourselves)  special which I have sent and has been received by my Blackwork Guru and mentor the lovely Claire.  You can see her wonderful work over on Claire93.wordpress.com  I was inspired and pieced a few ideas from a stitching book. The emblem, wording & lights came from 3 different patterns in a craft mag called cross stitch & needlework January 2013.  I usually stitch to a full pattern or small item – and in this case was confident enough to merge three ideas in one.




I really enjoyed making this little Christmas trinket, and finished it off with some Merry Christmas ribbon I have had in my stash for a while with gift giving in mind and also to use like this…

Until next time – thanks for joining me in this Christmas Journey . . . .

6 thoughts on “I have been secretly working on Christmas

  1. I feel so Lucky to have this little OAK decoration to hang up this xmas. I am glad you are feeling adventurous enough to be able to mix and match your own designs ^^

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