Sing a long with Claire – a happy dance for me . . .

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way …

Oh what fun it is SEW a lovely chart from Claire…

I hope you get my point – yes I have been singing and stitching a freebie created by the very talented Claire, who has designed/created & added some wonderful festive freebies to her chart collection.     If you have time you should stop by her fantastic blog, and also check her very generous free selection.

I love this pattern
The outside reminds me of a postage stamp
and its frilly outer edge

I whipped up this festive quickie – in between the million and trillions of things I have to do at the moment.  The MOTH and I have been chatting about when we might start to get ready for the festive season.  Now seeing as we still have a Santa out from last year – I thought it fitting he be added to the photo also, until we set up the proper garland for the decorations to hang off.


6 thoughts on “Sing a long with Claire – a happy dance for me . . .

  1. Hi Debbie, I love your Jingle bells song and the sewing 🙂 I’ve just stitched ’tis the season’ from Claire’s charts. Must do the finish tomorrow. How on Earth she got me onto Christmas this early, I’ll never know 😉

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