Seque or Segway ?? A not so lucky rabbits foot ??

Regardless of how you spell it, or pronounce it – I have side stepped again…. out of necessity – LOL

The MOTH and I have had a mini road trip to visit family for the weekend, and will also be off for a day trip to attend some other things.

Therefore I needed to have something to do in the car when it was my turn as passenger.  This week at my sewing group a little knitted snuggly blanket, which is a rabbit was completed by a friend.  So out came my phone and snap click – the pattern was safely with me.  Even better I had a few balls of soft fluffy wool I picked up on sale a while back for 50 cents a ball – so bargain knitting here.


Do you love the cute needles I am using – lovely smiley faces on one side – YES – They are actually kids needles as I am a big kid they are in my collection and the perfect size for this little job.


It is an easy knit on large needles, starting with one stitch,  the whole ting is knitted in one piece and I am now up to the head – which is knitted as a tube so it is a new technique for me.  Still headless at the moment – Not so successful – I have had to reverse knit the fluffy wool – YES – a nightmare to undo and make sure I still have the right number of stitches.

Fingers crossed this lucky rabbit has a head soon . . . .  I will let you know in a few days . . . .


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