My Heart Sings & other things … … …

It has been such a busy time lately – I needed something small, kitsch and fun to while away the stressors of the universe…

This week I came across this little stitchery kit at Gail’s Patchwork Emporium Ballarat.  A lovely little bluestone cottage shop that has re-opened after a fire last year.  Gail’s is a lovely place to shop, have a complimentary cuppa while deciding on your purchases, and chat and meet like-minded crafting lovelies.

Pre printed pattern with gorgeous wooden sewing machine button


Exciting – I have most of the threads in my stash already


It is not too often that you buy a pattern and have any or many of the thread colours already in your stash – so I was over the moon to find out I have all but 3 threads, and as my kit is quite large I can nearly match the missing ones anyway – so yeah

Here is where I am up to thus far . . . . .


Naturally you may have noticed that this stitchery has many of my favourite things included – Angel, hearts, quilts & Pink.  So naturally I could not have passed it up when browsing.  Yes – I am systematically working my way through the colours one at a time, trying to be very organised – for a change – LOL

The stitchery is sitting on of my favourite tools – a portable sewing, cutting mat/ironing board. (The Omni-Grid Foldaway) I use it often and it is so handy  to take to classes, hide in the corner and quickly press something.  Or use the cutting mat to whip up a piece of fabric.  The inside also has a sheet of felt to lay out blocks, and sandpaper to hold fabric when drawing lines.  If you do every get the chance to buy one, or better still get one for a gift – I am sure you will find it so useful.

Well underway, and also my portable ironing table & cutting mat
Great tool to have around, cutting mat inside, felt, sandpaper and outside ironing board




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