Happy Dance – Cocoon for my MOTH

It’s a Happy Dance 5 months in the making – I started this jumper for my MOTH on 25 March and finished it early this morning while we watched a late night DVD.



It was officially worn today, and I have been told it is cosy and warm.  Lucky as the weather here has been a frosty 10 degrees – most unusual for us to have such chilly, damp weather this close to spring…..

Here my shy MOTH models his Cocoon, it’s a lovely dark mountain ash colour so we thought we would show it off against the Trompeloeil in the kitchen – yes we have Sean Connery in our kitchen.  A lovely gift many years ago, a friends (now) ex-girl friend made this lovely oil painting for me – it fits the door on our old style small pantry.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Well now its back to some study, and stitchery.


4 thoughts on “Happy Dance – Cocoon for my MOTH

    1. Hi Avis thanks for stopping by. It was lovely to knit, and even better as I knwo he does truely appreciate the work that went into it. My MOTH is a craft lover and appreciator

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