Busy, Busy, Busy .. .. .. .. ..

It seems like ages (& it has been) since I last blogged.

The reason – I (& the MOTH) have been busy, busy, busy.  Since our return from holiday – it seems like we have been running around, cooking up a storm, working & studying & a little crafting along the way.

Study – yes I have gone back to school – a mid-life crisis perhaps – LOL.  Anyway I have taken on my Cert IV in Training & Assessment.  So will be hitting the books, learning legislation, being swamped in acronyms, organising presentations and just delving into the unknown.

To prepare for this, I (we)  have been cooking up a storm – stocking up the freezer with casseroles,  mini quiches, soups, a few treats so when I get snowed under by homework/study we can relax and still have something comforting to keep up going.  Thankfully & luckily the MOTH was a whizz in the kitchen, and while I created he chopped vegetables, sliced & diced, tidied up and slaved at the sink.  So it was also a joy to spend so much time in the kitchen.

In addition, I have started to cull my wardrobe.  Attempting to rid myself of the clutter, and things that are now far out of date, well-worn and YES – don’t fit anymore.  It is a start.  I still need to de-clutter a few other areas also.  Even the craft cave – yes that was semi sorted about a year ago – but is still in dire need of a proper ????? make over.   I had a revelation recently, and now I can tackle the clutter with a bit more ease.  I always had a reason to save items.  The old line of I plan to lose weight and it will fit again – I think many people have used that one, or I might need that one day, and seeing as some day has not come around for years – its gone.    So as I progress and reduce my “things” or “friends”  as I call my belongings, I can better plan and utilise space.  I have also managed to find a few empty drawers in the cull.  It is a work in progress and it will still taken time – but I am worth it – and feel good about it…….

So let the culling begin…… well continue …… watch this space ……


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