To Floss or NOT to Floss that is the ?????

Actually it is a no-brainer – Yes I floss, and I also collect DMC Floss & other assorted threads it is little like adding to your jewellery collection.  Just one more colourful addition – or 2 or more+


These recent additions were just because I did not have them.  2 solid bright ocean colours, and as I have only 1 or 2 variegated threads in my collection and seeing as I am more involved – or obsessed with Blackwork of late (mmmmm I wonder who started me on that journey – LOL)

Seeing so many wonderful items produced in SAL’s and the use of the variegated threads – well I just HAD to have them…… sound like a naughty spoilt child – perhaps I am……..

However it’s not all about the blackwork or cross stitch etc either.  I enjoy embroidery, and plan to do a crazy quilt one day with all my scraps.  So I need the floss to complete the future project.  Have I validated my purchase enough.  If not then I needed them to go with the books I purchased some time ago.    And I must say I do love looking at he pictures…..


2 thoughts on “To Floss or NOT to Floss that is the ?????

  1. Thanks for the tip Claire, I did not know that – it is always wonderful to learn something new. The hand dyed is for a little saying I plan to do, so will remember to keep it nice and clean – while stitching and not near my cuppa

  2. lovely colours
    just be careful because sometimes over-dyed threads are not colour fast. You’ll be okay with DMC or Anchor variagated, but the hand-dyed ones aren’t recommended for projects that may need a wash at the end.

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