This Faboulous Time Just Keeps Going…….

Last night I got together with the lovelies in one of my Stitching Groups.  Now I should not have been too surprised as we do a group gift in our “0” year.   I had been asked earlier in the year what colour range I would like to add to my stash.  I chose earth tones, as sort of have an idea of what I may do for a project.   All the ladies contributed 10″ squares to the gift box.


There is such a lovely variety, including some early reproduction fabrics.  These may make their way into my Farmers Wife Quilt, when I decide to do some hand piecing again.

One of the lovelies also made the card in the photo – I am truly blessed to have such wonderfully talented friends.  Who also share their skills and knowledge.  Last evening I also saw the finest hand piecing, beautifully stitched.  The secret was to use 60 weight bottom line thread.  Which is available for only a few $$ in small bobbin sized spools.  So you can have a large collection of colours at minimal cost.  These truly are smart and talented ladies.


Anyway here are the latest additions to my stash……’s a little like being a kid let loose in a candy store.



One thought on “This Faboulous Time Just Keeps Going…….

  1. ooooohhh isn’t it lovely to be spoiled ^^
    I still have decided what to do with the gorgeous fabrics you gave me in Sept and for my b’day ^^

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