Fabulous & 50 – Surprises and Lovely Gifts

Wow – I knew turning 50 was going to be an adventure.  I was not expecting so many beautiful & thoughtful.

First Thankyou – naturally goes to my MOTH.  Fo the most thoughtful addition to my/our Willow Tree Collection.  Titled “You and Me” – every day, building on our love.   My wonderful MOTH also surprised me with a gorgeous Silver Heart Bracelet with Crystals.     

card readers debbie camera to sort 4876

In addition to the MOTH I would like to thank all my Family & Friends for their gorgeous gifts.   I am lucky to actually have several BFF’s (being the greedy person I am – LOL).  From one BFF a lovely black/white crystal bracelet, another BFF a pewter bag key finder in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.  Gorgeous non scented (as I have hay fever) flowers from the lovely girls I work with,  scarf, travel case and the usual bits an pieces.

card readers debbie camera to sort 4874

However todays surprise in the post was awesome – from my/our Dear Friend Claire & her beloved MOTH – you know her as Claire93 –  my Black Work Mentor & Guru, and who helped me on my blogging journey, the cutest hand made card,  and mini cross stitch & black work patterns. 

Thankyou & Merci Beaucoup xoxox

card readers debbie camera to sort 4872


7 thoughts on “Fabulous & 50 – Surprises and Lovely Gifts

    1. Thanks Claire – it is our 2nd Willow Tree piece – the first we received as a Wedding present – it was titles the Promise – I nearly cried when the girls at work gave it to me. It was so thoughtful – but then I am a big sook at time – LOL

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