Have you missed me ….

You may have noticed I have been a little “Absent of Late”

The MOTH & I have been on a little road trip – one we fondly call “The Rocky Road”

We have had a road trip from Geelong, Victoria to Rockhampton, Queensland planned for many months now.  The main reasons for the trip where to:

1.  Meet our new beautiful granddaughter

2.  Catch up with all our kids and grandchildren (although the kids are not my own by birth I think of them as mine – as I was not fortunate enough to have any children of my own)

3.  Attend the wedding our Son – (I think of him as my own as previously mentioned)

4.  Visit loads of friends and relatives along the way

5.  Test out our SUV on the open road – and just have some fun at the same time

So far the past 2 1/2 weeks have gone relatively smoothly.  Just a few interesting moments – which happen at most people’s family encounter.    However the wedding was lovely and the Beautiful Bride and Groom – Gorgeous.  As for our gorgeous new baby – and seeing all the little ones – has been a delight.

Being in central QLD the internet reception etc has been a little “non existent at times” – and while I have taken my knitting which is slowly growing, and a little stitching – other things have naturally taken priority.

Now we are heading back down the coast and home – our little trip is drawing to an end far too quickly.

Thats about it for now – I will be slowly catching up on all my emails/messages/posts for crafts as time permits.

Ciao for now & Until next time when I start to bore you all with our travelling adventures and catch up details…..

4 thoughts on “Have you missed me ….

  1. I think you have created a blog monster – LOL – I miss not being able to do my blog due to internet access issues. I feel so behind – perhaps I should take a few more weeks off work to just catch up – LOL – sure my boss would have something to say about that !!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Avis – I didnt realise I would miss not having internet access so much, actually I miss all my crafting friends, bloggers and non-bloggers

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