Love to Cherish – A Garden Romance – Quilt for “V”

A little while ago I was asked to make a quilt for an adorable girl (lady) “V” who I know from work.    A daunting task for me – as I usually only make items for the family, and believe it or not – actually lack confidence in my work and craft.  However after much conversation, consultation and research a design and colour scheme was finalised this week.  I was given a brief of “anything I choose to make will be Loved & Cherished” However even with so much confidence placed in my skills, I was very overwhelmed.  So after researching the likes/colour scheme of the owner to be – Renoir/Degas, and to go on a Black Couch – So I settled on a collection from the Hoffman Range.  Lovely colours which reflect the artists and their gardens.


The fabrics will be sashed by a lovely black 100% cotton,  I have  cut out the main pieces, now to sew. and there is a gorgeous border to be added.  More will be revealed once the main section has been sewn.


4 thoughts on “Love to Cherish – A Garden Romance – Quilt for “V”

  1. Thanks Claire, actually the MOTH assisted in the choice of fabrics along with the lovely ladies at our local P&Q shop. So many wonderful colours to choose from, and the greens are my favourite – which will surprise everyone who knows how partial I am to Pink – perhaps Green is the new PINK – LOL

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