April Update – A Cocoon for my MOTH

Wow it seems like ages since I posted anything – Life does get in the way of crafting some times.  Between work, a little holiday and an addition to the family – Grandchild Number 5 – another beautiful little girl to add to the clan…….. Time has gotten away.

Anyway after completing my Cable Vest I commenced a jumper for the MOTH on 19 March – so in under a month I have knitted in one piece, the front and back – yeah.  Now for the sleeves – as winter is creeping up on us even if it is ever so slowly…..

A couple of shots below – one with a headless (my gorgeously shy) MOTH trying on it for fit, as it was requested to be a little more of a relaxed fit this time, and one shot on its own.


050 - Copy052 - Copy


2 thoughts on “April Update – A Cocoon for my MOTH

  1. Knit 1, purl 1, and so on – the sleeves are started and it is slow in one piece using a set of 4 needles – once I have it sorted will post a shot to explain this to you, as I know you are not really a knitter ….. My MOTH also said I have not not forget to add a neck – LOL he is sooooooo funny …….

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