Advice Please – Knitting Question

Hi Everyone -First – Thanks for stopping by my blog..

Just a quick question/resolve – I hope.  I am knitting a raglan V neck jumper for the MOTH.  I am knitting on circular needles so I do not have any side seams, and also plan on doing the sleeves without seams.

What I am wondering is – “Is it possible to join the sleeves and body, then continue in one piece so it is seamless ?  I have stitch markers so I can see where the seams/decreases should go – does anyone know how to make this a success – or put me onto someone/ or right direction to achieved this.

Thanks for listening and for any advice/assistance.  xx Debbierose 🙂

2 thoughts on “Advice Please – Knitting Question

  1. Now that sounds complicated to me. However, anything which reduces the amount of stitching up at the end is a winner in my eyes! Good luck. There must be someone out the who could help. Watching and waiting……

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