Lucky Me A Show Bag – Yeah

Last weekend I went overnight on a sewing retreat with a few old friends and what I believe are now new sewing friends. The lovely girl my Bestie who arranged the weekend get together was so kind & thoughtful, even arranging a gift/show bag for everyone. We were all lucky enough to receive a handmade fish pin cushion, with a few pins added, sewing themed post it notes, a few downloaded patterns, mini hand cream and a guide badge. (we stayed at the local guide camp) The idea of the badge is to sew it on the item we made at camp. Now this will be tricky for me – I didn’t actually sew. I did loads of tracings as I had borrowed a friends light box, and a little knitting. So have decided I will need to stitch the badge on the stitchery I plan to do first. It will be a quilt also, as it has stitched christmas themed panels. More of that when I actually start it.


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