Tangled Frame Blackwork SAL via Claire93 – Finished Off – Yeah

Thanks to Claire for this February SAL.

I had a little difficulty (lots actually) with this one.

Impatience being the main issue – LOL, the faster I tried to stitch, the more reverse stitching I had to endure.

Finally I got into the swing of the split row stitches, which are not favourites of mine.

Anyway it is all over now – and I even added a few extra stitches to the outside to attach the felt. Decided to hang it on point for a different effect.  It now has pride of place hanging on the side of the bookcase.   Once again a big thankyou to Claire, for her wonderful instruction and for organising the SAL.  Thankyou to Val for the original design, and to my MOTH for also putting up with my impatience & disgruntled attitude, and keeping my stitching efforts on a straight path.

Concealed loop
Proudly hanging off the side of the Book Case

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