Patchwork Angels

This cross stitch brings back a lot of memories.   Some wonderful – some sad.   
I commenced this project while on a weekend away with my Mum, Little Sister, and her 2 adorable children – yes 2 of several Nieces & Nephews.  Just 12 months prior to Mum passing away.  Most of the stitching was actually done while waiting in the emergency room, or coronary care, over many months as my mum was quite ill, and it helped me maintain my sanity at the time.  Crafting still helps maintain my sanity – LOL

The Patchwork Angels, cover many of the things I adore.  Patchwork naturally, the little love hearts, buttons, stars and mostly the Angels.  There are 3 of them, my lucky number and I think a symbolic link to the trio – which is my Mum, Sister & Myself



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