Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…….

Thankyou to  my Bestie for her guidance, and patience in assisting me with this lovely little patchwork Christmas Tree.  The folded/twisted triangles are actually made from flat triangles.  As mentioned it is all in the folding, stitching and twisting.   You can also hang little baubles off the centre of each little hole if you like.  The first time I saw one of these lovely trees, was when my Bestie made it and gave it to me as a Christmas Gift.  What a lovely pressie a handmade treasure which has pride of place at Christmas in the front entrance of our home.

We started this one just before Christmas 2012, by having our triangles ready.  Then on Boxing day we met at a friends place and 3 girls turned triangles into Christmas Trees.  The final piecing & embellishments were completed today.  Yeah – Just over a month.

For a first effort it is a bit rough, but I am sure the next one will be much easier.



3 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…….

    1. Thanks Claire & Avis. Actually I used 2 fabrics of different weights. So while the textures were different, it made it difficult to hand stitch. I have put this one down in my notes, as a reminder to keep the fabrics the same weight.
      Ciao for now xx

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