2 More Lovely Magazines

Wow shock horror, I have had some retail therapy as the MOTH calls it and purchased 2 more craft magazines.  Today the MOTH and I ventured into the Big City by train. We had some errands to run, and as I had been told only this week via one of my lovely crafting friends of a magazine store called MagNation. We decided as it was nearby we would pop in. While the store front is not too large, it is a long shop, and has 3 storeys of magazines, books and other literary paraphernalia.


I have seen a few apple core quilt patterns in the past, and the work womanship that goes into them is inspiring.  But this one with the blend of crazy quilting on it really caught my eye.  So it had to come home with us.  Also I have previously made a bag like the one on the front cover of Magic Patch, which I will post shortly.  The 2nd magazine on cross stitch, and Christmas which I love.  However it is my new found “LOVE AFFAIR”  (lol) with  blackwork that caught my eye on the cover.  The cheeky little ELF surrounded by the blackwork – well what more can I say – except Thanks Claire.

Well I must go – loads to do   – and so little time to do it in…….


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