Cable Vest – Progress Report

Seeing as the weather has cooled a little it was time to pick up my knitting sticks and tackle the Cable Vest again. I have now completed one of the Yokes.  As the vest yoke is knitted sideways – it looks strange as there is the flap for the collar. But once it is all finished and together with the fronts etc it will look normal – I hope…….

I now have the left yoke, and both front bands to do – more ribbing ….. Grrrrrr……..



2 thoughts on “Cable Vest – Progress Report

  1. The designers are very clever – I admire them. It is not only the pattern but the versatlity of this design. As it is in wasy blocks, you can actually substitute several pattersn. The back was plain, but I decided to make it basket weave. Thanks for the feedback and i will keep you posted.

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