Kimono Bag – Reversible

We all need a quick project from time to time. So a nice little bag is just the thing to get the creative flow happening. This is a little reversible Kimono bag about 20cm in diameter. The recipient of the little bag simply adores furry creatures, so the cute kitty design on the outside, and paw print inside was an obvious choice as a birthday gift for a pet loving family member.

Now where was I…. I have been temporarily interupted by the MOTH, who has passed me a lovely mango & vanilla ice cream……..Yummy….. oh yeah….photo’s of the bag………… 008





4 thoughts on “Kimono Bag – Reversible

    1. Unfortunately in our little area in the land Oz it is 37C today here, heading higher with a high bush fire danger. So some days are not too inviting for craft when you get all hot & flustered. So some ice-cream is just the thing.

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