Hexagon – update

This week I decided it was time to tackle a few more hexagons.  Truth be known I had put it aside using all sorts of excuses.   Such as I should do some knitting, or I need to finish this one for Christmas, or I just need to do a little stitchery etc.   I am sure you all know what/where I am coming from……

Truth be known I was having difficulty concentrating on the hand piecing/stitching the black background.  Even with the aid of my wonderful day light lamp, it was obvious I was over due for a lens update.  So now with my snazzy new glasses with slightly large lens profile, I do not have to strain my eyes looking under the glasses and raising the work to eye level.  So this week I have  stitched 6 more while I was chatting with my lovely sewing friends the other evening.   So far I have 11 out of 100 stitched.   Also I still have to embroider/quilt the centres.   So this is really a long term hand piece project.



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