Quilt As You Go Hexagons

Hexagon Quilt as you go – Quilt – a long term work in progress. A few months ago I was searching for something in my stash while working on one of my many projects. I stumbled upon a set of 25 pre-cut 10 inch Fairy Frost squares. They are so bright, lively and sparkly, The thought of what to do with them took over. Then a Quilt-as-you-go Hexagon Quilt sprung to mind. So I rifled further and came across some orientals. What a dilema. However the Fairy Frosts won – as I did not want to fussy cut the orientals. And anyway I have a plan for them for another time…..

Using the templates purchased at the Melbourne Quilt Show earlirer in 2012, I found I could get 4 hexagons out of each square – yeah, this will give me 100 completed Hexagons once all finished. Having a stack of bamboo batting at hand – made it even easier. After futher investigation I also had several metres of black 100% cotton tucked away. So that meant the tops, batting and backing were all here – yeah, and as I will be quilting the main sections in DMC – all in black in a sashiko sytle stitch. I will be working from the stash – and not having too much of an outlay for this one. So long as you dont count the pre purchased costs. But then crafters never do – thats what stashes are for……..LOL

25 x 4 Fairy Frost & wadding Hexagons all cut out
25 x 4 Fairy Frost & wadding Hexagons all cut out


Some of the ones already sewn
now to decide what pattern to sashiko
a daisy perhaps – my favourite flower










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