Sudoku Magic

Back in October 2009. I spent a day quilting with 4 friends. 3 making Sudoku quilts, 1 instructing the quilt as you go method.
I selected 9 fat quarters in solid colours. Each cut into 9 x 6 ½ inch squares. Then had the 10th colour Black to sash each 9 patch main frame. I then sandwiched the 3 layers, quilted the 9 block panels. Then I added a 4mm black satin ribbon down each row, to mimic the Sudoku grids. The backing was a funky hot pink swirl.
I then had to sash and join 3 x 9 patches, in a strip. Doing this 3 times. To make a total 9 x 9 patch.
Simple black binding. It was also the first time I had actually labelled a quilt. I completed the entire quilt in a month. A great achievement even if I do say so myself.


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